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Support Services
There are services available in your community to assist with adoption needs (pre- or post-adoption), to give support, to help with general parenting or to provide assessments. Mary would be happy to assist you in assessing what services you may need and in accessing them.
A few of the services you might find useful are:    
  •   Financial Assistance
  •   Health
  •   Infant & Child Development Programs       
  •   Early Years Centres      
  •   Post-Adoption Support Groups  
  •   Supports for Adopted Children        
  •   Adoption Information Disclosure Legislation

Financial Assistance

Adoption Loans: Financial packages (such as loans or lines of credit) may be offered by vaious banks for the purposes of adoption. For parents wishing to complete an international adoption, such a package is available through  your own financial institution. 


Adoption Tax Credit: You may be able to claim a credit for certain adoption expenses when you file your income tax. The maximum eligible expenses related to the adoption of any child under the age of 18 years are $10,000. This credit may be claimed in the year in which you adopt.

Employee Benefits: Some employee benefit plans cover social work counselling and/or adoption expenses. Mary is a registered social worker so you may be able to claim a portion of your payments to her.

Parental Leave Benefits: You may be eligible for up to 35 weeks which can be taken by one or both parents.




Public Health offers this free and voluntary program which may be of value after adopting a child up to 6 years of age. The program ensures that all families have access to effective consistent services, including visits to newborns, advice and/or screenings for speech, hearing, dental health, immunization, growth and development.

Wellington-Dufferin–Guelph Public Health 

1-800-265-7293 or 519-822-2715

Email: info@wwdgpublichealth.ca


Other Public Health offices can be found in your local phone book or over the Internet.

If you are adopting internationally and want to have your medical information reviewed or would like expert medical follow-up when you return, contact:


Dr. Anna Banerji

Pediatric Infectious & Tropical Disease

St. Michael's Hospital, Pediatric Ambulatory Clinic

61 Queen Street East, 2nd floor, Toronto


Phone: 416-867-3655





 The Canadian Clinic for Adopted Children




Infant & Child Development Programs
Community Mental Health 
Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin

This Infant Development Program provides family support, service coordination, monitoring of growth and development, intervention and specialized assessment teams for FASD and Autism Spectrum Disorder for children birth - 5 years in Guelph, Kitchener, Fergus, Orangeville, and Mount Forest.




147 Wyndham St. North,  Guelph

Tel:  519-836-6220


Crisis line: 1-844-264-2993


Canadian Mental Health 




Kids Ability - Centre for Child Development

This not-for-profit organization provides services to children from birth to eighteen years of age who have developmental and physical delays or disabilities. There are various centres across the province. The range of services may include assessment, direct intervention, mediator model intervention, consultation, home programming, monitoring, equipment recommendations and referrals to other services, as needed. Children can be seen individually or in a small group by one service provider or a team of service providers, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech and language therapists, doctors, etc. Children may be referred to and/or transitioned to other services within the community or to regional and provincial programs as needs are identified. For service in Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph or Fergus, contact:  KidsAbility - Centre For Child Development

For Children

For fun facts and child friendly information about adoption, visit Adoption Clubhouse. There is info about famous adoptees, preparing Life Books, writing Family Trees, answering adoption questions, books,  and more. 

Ontario Early Years Centres
Ontario Early Years Centres are places where parents and caregivers can take part with their children in a range of programs and activities, get answers to questions, get information about programs and services that are available for young children and talk to professionals, as well as other parents.

Ontario Early Years Centre (Guelph) Email: oeyc@gchc.on.ca 

Main Office: 176 Wyndham Street North, Guelph
Phone: 519-766-1550

Satellite Office: 435 Stone Road West
(Stone Road Mall), 2nd Floor, Guelph
Phone: 519-767-5162

For other Early Years Centre locations, go to: Ontario Early Years Centres

Post-Adoption Support Groups


Adopt4Life: connecting adoptive parents to important post-adoption suppoprts through parent2parent supposrt groups



phone: 1-888-274-6222 x 101
GTA West Parent Group - Oakville
3rd Tuesday of the month., 7-9 P.M., Real Canadian Superstore, Dundas/Trafalgar - Upstairs. Enjoy an evening with other adoptive parents. Sponsered. by The Children's Bridge International Adoption Consultants.    Contact: Mary at mok@cogeco.ca

Adoption Council of Ontario - Mississauga 
Adoption Seminar, once monthly,




info@adoption.on.ca or 416-482-0021


Connect with other moms for support, conversation and fun. Available in your community or online. 


Adoption Information Disclosure Legislation

As of May 14, 2008, Ontario's new legislation enables adopted adults and birth parents to get information from birth and adoption records, for all adoptions that have been registered in Ontario. As of June 1, 2009 adopted adults will be able to apply for copies of adoption orders and birth registrations and birth parents will be able to apply for information from these documents. Adopted adults and birth parents can file disclosure vetoes if the adoption order was made before September 1, 2008. If an adopted adult or birth parent does not want to be contacted by the other party, he or she can file a no contact notice. If an adopted adult or birth parent wants to let the other party know how he or she wants to be contacted, he or she can file a notice of contact preference.

 Visit Service Ontario for more information.



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